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Avenger Renewable is a new-age private renewable tech company. It provides different renewable eco-friendly products and services. The company provides people to use renewable services to save the environment. The company aims to deal with the macroeconomic problem which affects the environment. Currently, the company is working on a few products to replace plastic use. We are working to minimize the use of plastics.

We are sure that our products are helping to deals to replace plastic use. Customers can use our services to replace plastic uses and can save their society, city, country, and the world. Our aim is to become India’s best renewable company.

Avenger Renewable
Avenger Renewable

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the nation as well as a global mission to save nature with our eco-friendly products & services. that we can make our world healthy and beautiful.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead this company to the leader in the eco-friendly products and services industry. And set the inspiration to use Eco-friendly products and avoid plastics.

Our Eco-Friendly Products & Services

RENTBAG By Avenger Renewable

RENTBAG By Avenger Renewable

Welcome To RENTBAG, A Eco-Friendly Carry Bags Rental Service By Avenger Renewable

RENTBAG is the first innovative idea of Avenger Renewable. It is a service where people can rent carry bags from nearby vendors. The aim of this service is to make available to eco-friendly carry bags. The easy availability of carry bags convinces people to use eco-friendly carry bags only. This service helps to easily replace the use of plastic.

By using this service, we can minimize plastic use. It helps to make society clean and environment friendly.

View more and learn the steps of renting an eco-friendly carry bag from RENTBAG.

RENTBAG By Avenger Renewable
RENTBAG By Avenger Renewable

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People Say The Nicest Things

“I am very happy with Rentbag’s service. I used to go office daily. I used to take groceries and vegetables from the market during returning home in the evening. usually, I forget to bring cotton carry bags from home due to this I have to take plastic carry bags from a grocery vendor. Now, I usually take a Rentbag to take groceries. I have to no worry to return the carry bag because the delivery boy takes it back from my home. This service helps me to use only eco-friendly carry bags. In this way, I can save my society from plastic pollution. I also refer to this service to my friends.”

Rohit Kumar


“l like this Rentbag service very much. I always care about my society. I don’t like to use plastic bags. It pollutes our society. I was thinking of some ways to reduce plastic bags. then I got to know about Rentbag service. I tried this service. this service is very good and comfortable. now I always use this service. I also recommend it to others. I want to thank Rentbag’s service. I love it.”

Saloni Gupta

Corporate Employee

“I loved this Rentbag service. I do a lot of shopping at the grocery store But I always forget to carry a bag from home and also I don’t like it. for this reason, I always have to pay 50-100 rupees extra for a carry bag at the store. Now, I don’t need to pay extra money for a carry bag. I take carry bags from Rentbag at a nominal rate like 5-10 rupees only. this helps me to save more money. this service also helps me to avoid plastic use. thank you Rentbag. Big Fan Rentbag.”

Akshara Kumari

Corporate Employee

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